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Due Fratelli is the essence of Italian taste and café style, but this brand doesn’t come from the heart of Lombardy but been born in the countryside of East Anglia in the UK.

Amazing ground coffee and beans and to die for Hot Chocolate Buttons ( which I couldn’t leave alone in the fridge for more than five mins!!!) Everything is so very sleek and well thought out. I LOVE the cafetière .. it’s for one cup and it’s perfect.

Zena Battersby

I love that this family run business has the essence of Italian style but roasted in East Anglia. They have 40 years experience in the coffee roasting industry and it certainly shows. We tried Buonissimo, a blend with a well balanced flavour and Cameron Boyo (loved this) which produces a full bodied cup with a rich earthy profile.

Angela Poole

My favourite blend has to be the Cameroon Boyo which is “a full bodied cup with a rich earthy profile. Chocolate notes, hints of currants and a well rounded finish.” The Buonissimo blend “offers an aromatic fruity style coffee with mild acidity and a nutty finish” It is also very tasty.

Dionne Bowen

@duefratellicoffeeco are a local business and produce some of the best coffee I’ve ever tried 😍 if you’re putting together any hampers this year their bagged coffee is ideal! The Cameroon Boyo is my personal favourite with its chocolate notes!

Alannah Pummell