Due Fratelli Coffee / WPM KD-310GB



Thanks to WPM KD-310VPS,  you can afford to brew your coffee at a resonable speed and pressure without over-extracting the sweetness out from the coffee by using our proudly introduced pressure profiling



AppearanceStainless steel body
Programs1-10s Pre-infusion programs
1 cup and 2 cup volume setting
5-level adjustment of steam flow rate
Temperature Setting: 88-96°C
Preset grinding time
Hot Water TubeAvailable
GaugePressure Gauge+LCD Display
Pump15 bar coffee pump
4 bar steam pump
Heating System3 PID Thermoblock
Super Steam Thermoblock
Steam Wand2 hole
Group Head58mm Stainless Steel Group Head
Water Tank2.5L capacity
Able to provide water level warning and water filter
GrindingGrinding range: Espresso → French Press
Belt-driven burr
Conical burr
Easy calibrating system with Lock
Hopper Capacity (in g)200
Voltage (V)220 – 240 V/ 50 Hz
Power (W)2600
Dimension (D*W*H in mm)490*360*490
Net Weight (in kg)22