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Due Fratelli is the essence of Italian tasting coffee, but this brand doesn’t come from the heart of Lombardy its been born and nurtured in the countryside of Suffolk.

The café culture in the UK has grown dramatically over the last few decades and the roots of this café culture can be traced to Italy where espresso, good coffee, good food and family is a way of life.

Due Fratelli means “two brothers” in Italian and nothing is more important to us than family, we are a family owned and run roaster based in the Suffolk countryside, started by our father back in 1979 we continue the ethos and enthusiasm for great coffee and customer service.

Our mission is to share our enthusiasm and knowledge of speciality product and the art of coffee blending to baristas and shops to the home enthusiast and just people who want a delicious cup of coffee at home.

We ethically source all of our coffee and where possible direct from farm, we carefully choose the farms forging long term transparent relationships with the farmers to bring you the best quality and giving the farmer the best possible price.Our roaster has been especially adapted and we hand roast meaning that everything is controlled by our senses, using sound, smell and watching the development of the roast by eye,  meaning our roasting method and technique is truly artisanal.

Good coffee is as important as the method you use to serve it, using our depth of knowledge about coffee machines we have sourced some of the best performing coffee machines and grinders on the market and the latest drip and brew equipment available.

As well all know a good café experience is not just about coffee which is why we have a complete range of delicious hot chocolate, tea’s and chai latte, these delicious products will add to your home café experience.

If you love our brand (and we hope you do) and you want to serve our coffee in your café, hotel, restaurant or place of work we have a wealth of knowledge providing excellent customer service and with Due Fratelli you will also have access to branding to help support your business.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our products.

Grazie Mille!!

Graham and Jason